Intranet Strategy, content management and production | Communications Strategy & Planning | Executive Speech Writing | Employee Communications | Public Relations & Media Relations

Intranet strategy, content management and production
Hennessey Consulting assembles experienced teams of corporate communicators and print and interactive journalists to help clients staff, produce and manage online content for internal employee audiences. We provide:
training and coaching on reporting, featuring writing, headline writing and editing;
best practices and strategic guidance on introducing and managing blogs, wikis, social media, online chats, discussion boards, video production and editing;
recommendations on how to embrace employee voice and user-generated content to share knowledge, move business and deepen community with organizations; and
a roadmap for managing a myriad of online content from multiple content contributors.

Communications Strategy & Planning
We expertly build effective internal communications and public relations strategies for our clients. With audience analysis and message preparation, we help our clients manage any topic or situation—senior executive communications; crisis communication; product promotion; business development; employee incentive programs; online newsletter management; product launches; video production; event promotions; staff reductions and more.

Executive Speech Writing
An astute ear and a keen ability to capture individual voice, style and cadence enables Hennessey Consulting to support executives in delivering a message with the language, tone and tenor that is comfortable to the each individual speaker. Our collaborative theme development and writing approach delivers impactful speeches guaranteed to meet organization's and leaders' objectives.

Employee Communications
We are well aware that employee communications may have different meaning per the demographics and character of the organization—audience, geography, size, industry, products, work environment, technology and a number of other factors will help determine the ideal approach. We help our clients execute multiple strategies and tactics, often congruently, to deliver key communications. Decades of experience in corporate communications and deep insight into interactive communications tactics enables Hennessey Consulting to assist clients with any internal/employee communications challenge.

Public Relations & Media Relations
We offer an insider understanding of media—the flow of the editorial process, how to break-through the noise of the newsroom, how to manage the difficult or not-so-difficult interview, how to get in or out of a story and more. We bring an innate understanding of news and news value and will help clients create the strongest strategy to gain and manage media attention of their brand and business.