Executives that have worked with Christine comment:
  • "Christine is first and foremost, strategic in providing her counsel to executives and businesses."

  • "Christine is a veritable dynamo in the communications field. She has an incandescent intelligence and energy…I have watched her perform at a time of great change at Tribune Co., in which media savvy was essential in a ruthlessly observant climate. Christine is highly independent and welcomes the opportunity to direct projects keenly and efficiently. "

  • "She is an impressive speaker, marvelously articulate and someone who commands immediate respect and attention."

  • "When the pressure was on, we could count on Christine's quick but sure instincts to help us weather the crisis."

  • "At a newspaper company like Chicago Tribune Company, the (communications) challenges required Christine's special brand of professionalism, power of persuasion and integrity."

  • "As a former editor and writer at the Chicago Tribune and other major newspapers, I also have been impressed with Christine's grasp of media and her ability to bridge different fields to create coherent communications plans."

  • "She (brings) a stimulating, collegial presence…a person who can spark productive debate and inspire..."